Thursday, January 14, 2010

Urban Eats @ Liberty Noodle, Toronto

***Updated*** We just heard that Liberty Noodle in Liberty Village, Toronto has closed. It looks like the only location they are currently running will be their stall in the Eaton Centre Urban Eatery.

I think my next couple 'Urban Eats' posts will feature comfort food extensively until I:

A) get myself somewhere hot
B) it stops being so cold in Toronto
So for now we head to Liberty Noodle in King West Village for a hot, steaming bowl of ramen noodles in soup.
Hot & Sour Ramen with Chicken
I love noodles and soup. A girl can't eat Pho EVERY single sometimes it's nice to mix things up a bit with a little ramen or maybe even udon noodles. I was beyond thrilled when Liberty Noodle opened up. I have been on the hunt for ramen in this city that doesn't start with Mr. and end with Noodle. The open, airy restaurant has a lofty-feel to it, making anyone looking to escape from their Liberty Village loft - feel right at home.

One of my compadres ordered the Hot & Sour Ramen with Chicken ($9) and I was thinking, damn - why didn't I order that? Hers came loaded with vegetables which is practically a ramen noodle pre-requisite for me. However when my Chili Beef Ramen Bowl ($10) came, I calmed the hell down and was happy with my spicy broth and sliced sirloin.
Chili Beef Ramen Bowl
Next time, I'll order a side of their sauteed Asian Greens ($5) so I can get some sort of vegetable in my system besides a scallion. However I was with a group of entrepreneurial ladies and we were having a very elegant networking lunch and I didn't want to be pigging out and not be able to chat. For those who don't like soups, Liberty Noodle does have a selection of Noodle Plates which is the same thing without the soup. The Sweet & Sour Shrimp ($11) below looked delish and was crusted in panko crumbs.
Noodle Plate without Soup
I really enjoyed Liberty Noodle and will definitely be back. If you read the reviews online and  you hear people complain that the ramen is not 'authentic' enough or the place is overpriced , don't believe the hype. It's noodles, it's good, there's hot soup, they are trying to be creative and it's $10. Yeah, maybe it is expensive when you compare it to a 33 cent pack of noodles.  But I like what they are doing and trying to achieve here. So tell me, what's your favourite noodle bowl place is in the city?
The Entrance
Liberty Noodle, Toronto is opened Monday to Saturday for lunch & dinner.  There is a tiny parking lot outside. 171 East Liberty Street, Toronto.  (416) 588-4100 - Liberty Noodle

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