Friday, January 8, 2010

The Urban Recessionista - The Library is Cool Again.

I LOVE magazines.
I think I was buying 5-6/month @ $5 a pop.  Things were getting ridiculous and out of control.  Yes, I was spending $30 every month on pretty pictures an glossy articles.  I can't help it - 
I'm an addict.  
Some of my favourite titles include:

Real Simple - for the Type A organizational wannabe housewife nerd in me.

Shape - maybe if I read about how happy people are exercising, it will normalize the thought of doing it for me.  No such luck, but keep sending me 12 issues a year.  I like to read all about people losing a 100+ pounds.  It makes my 5-10 pound problem seem like nothing!

Style At Home - Hip home decor tips I can sort of imagine that I can afford.

Toronto Life - Gotta know what's going on in my city
So being all caught up in the recessionista trend, I rediscovered....the LIBRARY!  How did I forget about you?  And guess what?  They have magazines!!!  It's like my own personal Great Canadian Newsstand over here.  Best of all?  They are FREE.  I looked at the person checking me out like she was crazy.  "So I don't have to pay you anything?  I just have to maybe bring these back to you in week?"  What kind of system is this???  It's the best kind is what is.  It's also kinda made my addiction worse.  I think I read close to three a week now.  Free issues of Vogue!  O Magazine!  Travel & Leisure!  W!  Crazy titles that would cost me $6 or more at Shoppers Drug Mart are now all mine to devour.

The other thing I started doing was looking up hot books on Amazon and 'ordering' them on hold at the library.  They just drop me an email when it's in.  Genius I tell you.  I remember being a kid growing up at Jane & Weston and biking to Mount Dennis Library for the newest Baby-Sitters Club book.  If I had no luck, I would settle for Sweet Valley High.  How did I forget all about this?

Recessionistas - I am advising you to save that $30/month that you spend on magazines, shopaholic novels, trashy Danielle Steele reads and travel guides.  Go re-discover how damn awesome the library is.

xoxo - Lisa

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