Sunday, February 28, 2010

Urban Eats @ Pink Taco, Las Vegas

One of the fun places we ate at inside The Hard Rock Hotel was Pink Taco, a hipster Mexican chain based out of LA.  The atmosphere was very laid-back and their tequila selection read like a wine list at a wine bar.  We got the requisite bucket of chips and salsas to start.  Who could eat so many chips?  Apparently I can.  I fell for the old chip trick and was too full to finish all of my tacos by the time they came.  I should know better by now!

I of course had to get the house special - The Pink Tacos ($12.95) which is served with pickled pink onions and avocados.  It was strange indeed and didn't exactly blow my mind, but it was still ok.  It is sort of a weird specialty, so make sure you are open to it before ordering three.  Regardless, the restaurant has a fun variety of tacos on the menu including: short rib, fish, chicken, beef brisket and shrimp.  Make sure you get an extra large margarita to wash it all down, those chips get salty when you eat half a bucket of them.
Hubs got The Burrito Tradicional ($12.95) which came with a side salad.  He was really happy with it and pretty full afterwards judging by the size of that thing.  If you're at The Hard Rock Hotel, check out Pink Taco at least for a margarita or two.

Pink Taco
The Hard Rock Hotel
4455 Paradise Road, Las Vegas
(702) 693-5525

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