Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Urban Eats @ The Wynn Buffet, Las Vegas

The Wynn Buffet is LEGENDARY.  
Mention it to anyone who has been and their eyes light up!  I was looking forward to this visit the most, not because my 5'2" frame can eat pure quantity - but I love the variety of food available.  It's so hard to choose and I know I only have two plates in me before I start reaching for dessert.  We chose to go for dinner which was only $34.95 during the week and includes non-alcoholic beverages.  Dinner begins at 3:30 PM for all of us from the east coast still adjusting to the three hour time change.  Lunch is also available at a reduced cost, but I'm not sure if the spread is as extravagant?
I really enjoyed their mini salad cups.  The presentation was beautiful and I was happy to just get a taste of their salad.  Pictured above is a pear, spinach and gorgonzola salad.  A beef tenderloin salad, a caprese salad, a greek salad and a mango salad.  The Wynn Buffet is like being invited to a really fancy party with lots of food stations to choose from.

The Dining Room is open, light and airy with lots of seating and fun food decor.  With all Vegas buffets, you pay when you enter and you can leave a tip for your server on the table when you leave.  We did not have to wait long to be seated, but I can imagine it gets busy here later on in the night.  Our plates were always cleared right away and gone by the time we returned with our next plate.  Clear your schedule post-buffet or plan a nice long walk.  You'll either pass out from eating all that food or want to move a little to aid digestion.  Hubby and I were KO'd.  We went clubbing later that night to burn off the calories.
Gorgeous Bread Spread
Asian wok selections from the Asian station above.  Other stations including a carving board with prime rib & turkey, a pasta station, a cheese and fruit station, soup bar, salad bar, sushi station, pizzas & calzones, shellfish, mussels, fish, shrimp, Indian food and lots of vegetarian options.
The star of the show are the crab legs, split for you with hot butter on the side.
Cocktail shrimp & shellfish bar
Assorted Charcuterie
Cheese Board
Cheese eating accessories
The Ice Cream Sundae Bar!
The Dessert buffet is housed inside a little room that you can walk through from both sides.  Adorable miniature desserts made in-house included cookies, cake, tarts, trifles, pie and a crepe and waffle station.  Luckily everything is so small you can have a taste of everything if you share with your dining partner.
Mini Tiramisu & Strawberry Shortcake
I picked ten desserts to share.  Yes - that's a WHOLE candy apple!  I really loved their pecan pie and madelines.  The profiteroles were also delicious.  If you are only going to do ONE buffet in Vegas, do this one.  It's perfect after a long plane ride and a great experience for your trip.  Bon appetit!
The Wynn Buffet
3131 Las Vegas Blvd. South
(702) 770-3900
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