Sunday, February 28, 2010

XS Club - The Wynn, Las Vegas

So what exactly does a $100 million dollar night club look like?  Well for starters, there is A LOT of gold.  Every pillar in the club is covered in a mosaic of gold that is very disco ball-esque.  Don't forget to look up at the rotating chandelier that is the centrepiece of the huge dance floor.  XS Nightclub in Las Vegas is a spacious 40,000 square feet and can squeeze in 3,000 guests.  It is not to be missed as it was voted the #1 Club in the US by Nightclub & Bar Magazine for 2010.  They do some serious business inside The Wynn Hotel...

At XS you can party like a rockstar but be prepared for a line-up that can be up to three hours long on the weekend and do dress to impress.  Running shoes, ball caps and sweats are not going to cut it in Vegas and you'll just feel really crappy about looking crappy.  Get there early or you will regret it!  Cover will run you around $30 - 20 depending on whether you are a guy or girl, because that's how it is in Vegas.
The Pool/Patio
The club boasts an outdoor pool and patio with lots of loungers and cabanas.  It's a nice place to cool off when you've been dancing your butt off.  The dance floor is wide open and spills onto the patio area outside.  Which makes XS feel less smokey then other clubs in Vegas.  Hubby even got lint rolled in the bathroom while he was washing his hands!  The DJs were pretty amazing and kept the partying going all night.
Private booths, go-go dancers and stripper poles line the dance floor.  It's Vegas.  Stripper poles have also invaded the casino floor at Planet Hollywood Hotel and The Hard Rock.  Be distracted and entertained while you gamble your money away.  Drinks run around $12 for something basic like a cranberry vodka.  BUT they taste like doubles and are super strong!  I learned the hard way...

XS is open from 10 PM - 4 AM.  We only made it until 3 AM because we were partying on east coast time, so it felt like 6 in the morning for us!  Check with your hotel to find out which nights they are open besides Friday and Saturday.

3131 Las Vegas Blvd. - Wynn Hotel
(702) 770-0097

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