Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hip Getaways - Body Blitz Spa, Toronto

When it's cold and dreary in Toronto, one of my favourite places to recharge is Body Blitz Spa.  A Therapeutic Waters Pass ($48, Tues - $38) will set you up for an afternoon of detox.  I start with a warm shower and then a nice long soak in their Warm Salt Water Pool, letting the hydrotherapy jets melt away all my toxins.  Once you have rinsed off poolside, take a plunge in the Hot Green Tea Pool and soak in all those antioxidants.  If you get too hot, you can always dip a toe into their Cold Plunge Pool which helps tighten pores.  I can plunge my whole body in for about fifteen seconds and that's it - I'm a wimp.  Signs are also posted around the pool area with suggestions on which order to soak and how to make the most of your visit.

Once you are all soaked out, take in an Aromatherapy Steam or sweat it out in their Infrared Sauna.  Make sure you stay hydrated and drink lots of water during the suggested 2.5 hour visit.  You can even order a detoxifying smoothie from their juice bar and lounge in your bathrobe poolside.  Don't plan anything but a nap after an afternoon like this.  Your body will feel like jello and you'll just want to sleep and rest.  
The Therapeutic Waters are complimentary with any service booking.  I like to round off my visit with an RMT Massage ($135 - 60 mins), which my insurance covers 80% of. 

Recessionistas - it's practically like a free spa visit!  Read up on your company benefits to see if you receive this. The RMT massage benefit is usually up to $500/year with a doctor's note and you will require a receipt from the spa to submit to your insurance company.  Body Blitz also offers a bunch of Mud Bakes and Scrubs (from $90+) that I would love to eventually try.  
For purses & storage, a locker area with a digital lock is offered and a sleek looking vanity area for you to pretty up post-spa.  I love this place because it makes me feel like I am on a luxurious vacation.  Highly recommended to all hip & urban girl's out there!  

Body Blitz Spa
471 Adelaide Street W. Toronto ON
(416) 364-0400

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  1. Love it! Must try! Green tea pool??