Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hip Getaways - Great Wolf Lodge, Niagara Falls

The Waterpark
The Getaway - I know we have some Hip & Urban Mom's out there and lots of Hip Aunts!  Paul and I don't have kids, but we are so lucky to be surrounded by so many great little cousins.  So we consider ourselves to be the 'Hip Cousins' that absolutely spoil you and then give you back to your Mom & Dad.  So as a Christmas present, my three little cousins got a trip to Great Wolf Lodge, a family resort with an indoor waterpark.  Paul and I also got to test drive being parents for a weekend.  Here is our review of Great Wolf Lodge, Niagara Falls, Canada.

The Room - We paid $330 for one night in a KidKamp suite for two adults and three kids which included waterpark access for both days.  The upgraded suite included a bunk bed nook where the kids could hang out with their own TV and Nintendo system.  This was definitely worth the upgrade because the kids could scatter all their stuff around in their own space.  It also made the room seem bigger.  My cousin Andy, who is 15 - slept on the pull-out couch.  While the 'parents' had the double bed.  Bathroom was very teensy, but we could work with it.
Cute peek-a-boo into their camp
Food - Our room came with a microwave oven, an empty mini fridge and coffee maker.  Food can get expensive with three kids as we quickly learned!  We packed muffins, bananas and juice for breakfast.  I also packed sandwiches, veggies and snacks for lunch during the 90 minute car ride there from Toronto.  For dinner, it was just easiest to treat everyone to the buffet at The Antler Shanty Grub ($22 Adults, $15/Kids with a drink).  The food was actually OK and the kids had a buffet at their own height with chicken nuggets, macaroni & cheese, fries etc.  I think we definitely got our money's worth because the kids were STARVING after a day in the waterpark.
The KidKamp Area
Resort Details - Check-in starts at 4 PM and access to the waterpark area is available after 1 PM on the day you check-in.  Check-out is 11 AM and they aren't afraid to knock on your door to hurry you out of there.  A limited number of late check-outs are available for a fee.  Don't worry about bringing towels, there are lots provided by the resort.  Parents can find a chair in the waterpark to drop their stuff and chill out at the bar or read a book.  The waterpark is as fun as it looks and the lines tend to move quickly.  I loved the water coaster and how all the slides went outside and then back inside.  The lazy river though is a bit of a zoo!  There are lots of zones for different age groups and hot tubs for just parents and separate ones for families.
The Bathroom
Stuff To DoGreat Wolf Lodge makes it really easy for you to spend money.  We spent a lot of time at the arcade after dinner and it was rammed with kids.  The Spa even has a section for kids called Scooops where your little princess can be treated to a mani/pedi and tiara updo ($90).  The gift shop peddles lots of candy, toys and souveneirs for your little ones.  An ice cream shop in the basement also sells fudge, donuts and coffee.  It starts to become difficult to keep saying 'no' to all the extras.  However, Storytime is free and starts every night at 8 PM.  Come in your PJs!
The Arcade
The Conclusion? - Paul and I aren't in a rush to be parents to three growing boys any time soon.  But we had a great weekend with our cousins and it really forced us to work as a team to get things done.  
Great Wolf Lodge
3950 Victoria Avenue, Niagara Falls - Canada

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