Friday, March 5, 2010

My Food Misadventure at Guu Izakaya

Fort Guu
BC Chain, Guu Izakaya recently opened a Toronto outpost where the very fancy Mr. Tasty Hamburger shop used to be on Church Street.  They specialize in small plates of Japanese tapas at really affordable prices.  The reaction has been red hot with people lining up outside for over an hour to get a seat at this tiny no reservations resto.  Being the foodie that I am, I grabbed my bestie from kindergarten and fellow foodie, Dolly on this adventure with me.  

Strategically, doors open at 5 PM and my very organized friend Joee recommended arriving at 4:30 PM to get to the front of the line.  This was all really good in theory, but we just couldn't hustle ourselves there until 7 PM - big mistake.  The wait list looked only 30 minutes long, but we waited almost 1.5 hours outside under two heat lamps for a table.  Once we hit the 30 minute mark, there was no way we were leaving!  I should have brought camping chairs.  I don't even wait THIS long to get into a club.

Once Dolly and I got to the very FRONT of line and were literally the next set of names on the hostess list....the manager came out to announce that he had very bad news.  The construction workers on the side of the building had broke the city watermain and the restaurant has no running water!!!  They cannot seat any more people and will have to close for the night until it is fixed.  Whaaaa????  A cold, angry and hungry mob began to form around the manager, people had driven from as far as Richmond Hill that night and paid for parking.

I was surprised how well Dolly and I took the news.  I think it was because my brain was frozen at that point and my only reaction was, "That's great and all, but when do I get to go inside?"  Luckily, I was able to negotiate 'Free Line Bypass' cards for the group with the manager's phone number for our next visit.  So we will try again next week to get into the infamous Guu.

Guu Izakaya
398 Church Street, Toronto ON
(416) 977-0999

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  1. GIrl, you are TOOOOO funny ! We'll go one of these days. I will do the waiting to make sure you get a seat and experience how Guuuuuu'd it is there ! Love it there !