Thursday, March 11, 2010

Essential Apps for the Hip & Urban Girl

I finally caved and bought an iPhone this past winter when my cell phone carrier finally got them for their network.  I was able to renew my contract early and upgrade from a flip phone to what I call, 'The best thing I ever got since my engagement ring!'.  Yes, it was that good.

Pre-iPhone, I was never that into Twitter and only checked my Facebook and email when I was working at home.  Now I'm a bit of a monster, but feel strangely more up-to-date and connected.  Perhaps a little bit additcted too.  Now I don't have to rush home and boot up my computer to check my email.  I can take off, go for coffee and check-in to my virtual office to make sure no one is suffering a mental breakdown.

The first thing I did was go app happy.  My Facebook network was amazing in hooking me up with what's hot.  So here are my iPhone app recommendations for all the hip & urban girl's out there (especially the Type A ones like me):

Facebook - How will you ever know what's happening without it?  Or when someone tags you in a very bad picture?

Tweet Deck - Makes tweeting a whole lot easier.  You can see direct messages, tweets to you and what everyone else is saying.  

NY Times - Downloads the most popular and recent news stories.  Great for commuting because you can read it on the subway.

2Do Lite - If you love making to do lists, this one breaks it all down by category.

Grocery IQ - I used to walk around the grocery store awkwardly with a pen and paper.  Now I just check off stuff with one hand while I shop.  The app can also store your favourite items, categorize lists by store and scan barcodes for buying what you just finished.

Weather Eye - A more comprehensive weather guide then the one that comes with your phone.  From the Weather Network.  You can also store other cities that you travel to on this app.

Check Please Lite - Calculates tip and splits the bill easily.  Divides by the number people and tip percentage you would like to leave.

Urban Spoon - Find cool restaurants with reviews in any city you are in.  You can even break it down by neighbourhood.

Shazam - Identifies and tags the song that is playing anywhere you are.  So it will never bug you ever again.

XE Currency - Shopping while travelling?  Use this to figure out what it really costs.

Flixster Movies - Keep track of movies you want to see and read reviews.  Find out what just came out this week on DVD and in theatres.

Linked In - Easy access to your LinkedIn account and to get in touch with people

Flash For Free - Brightens up any photos you take on your flashless iPhone

Epicurious - At the grocery store?  Look up the recipe here and figure out what you need before you head home and realize you are out of garlic.

Google - Easy access to Google items such as Gmail, Docs, Calendar etc.

Around Me - Running out of gas or need a bank machine?  Around Me locates the closest location near you.

So who has any other good app suggestions for me?  Comments are always welcome!



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