Sunday, March 14, 2010

Urban Eats @ Craft Burger, Toronto

After a long evening of client consultations for my DJ business that ended at around 9 PM.  I was SO starved that there was just absolutely no way I could picture myself cooking.  So off to Craft Burger we went!

Of course I'm a sucker for the house classic, The Craft Burger ($6.95) with mushrooms, rosemary garlic mayo, lettuce and tomato.  I added some Smoked Canadian Cheddar ($1.25) for good measure and what's a burger without Fries and a Coke ($3.20 extra)?  Total was a mere ($12.75) with tax, which is a pretty good value.

Craft Burger never freezes their patties and their burgers taste incredibly fresh and moist.  The burgers are made with Ontario AAA Beef and will make you re-think ever going for a quarter pounder ever again.  The fries are hand-cut, crispy and do not disappoint.
Seating is limited, but the tables turnover very quickly.  Craft Burger has two locations, but we hit up the one on King West.  Now that Toronto is overrun with gourmet burger joints, we can definitely say that Craft Burger is one of the best and worth the visit.
Craft Burger
573 King Street W. Toronto ON

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