Monday, March 29, 2010

Urban Eats @ Kenzo Ramen, Toronto

The King of the Kings Bowl
I had a very serious ramen craving last weekend and headed over to Kenzo Ramen for a big comforting bowl of soup and noodles.  Sorry, Mr. Noodles just doesn't do it for me any more.  I bee-lined straight to The King of the Kings Ramen ($10) with spicy hot soup, slippery noodles, meaty slices of pork, half of a soft-boiled egg, scallions and mushrooms.  This eats like a very hearty meal and spicy enough to clear my sinuses.  
The restaurant attracts lots of Ryerson students and is pretty basic in decor.  Kenzo's menu is 75% ramen with a couple side dishes and Don Rice dishes.  It's a great place to get your ramen fix and the prices ain't bad either.

Kenzo Ramen
138 Dundas Street West, Toronto ON
(416) 205-1155

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