Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Urban Eats @ Pastis, NYC

If you ever find yourself on a late-night flight to New York City, the best thing to do is drop off your bags and head straight to Pastis for some delicious authentic French eats. Located in the very hip Meatpacking District, the kitchen is open until at least 2 AM (Thurs-Sun) and 1 AM the rest of the week. I love feeling like you are thrown into the hubub of New York City when you arrive inside this bustling restaurant.  
You are guaranteed an amazing meal from the list of French Bistro classics and you might even bump into a major celebrity. Jay-Z and Beyonce are frequent visitors. We arrived the day after NY Fashion Week and the place was FULL of very thin models.

Paul ordered what he calls the 'Best Steak Sandwich in the World' - the Sliced Steak Sandwich with Onions & Gruyere ($20) served with a side of frites. The cheese is melt in your mouth gooey and the steak is cooked perfectly, sliced thin and not tough which makes it an easy sandwich to chew through. The frites are thin, crispy and fresh with a side of mayo for dipping.
I ordered the Onion Soup Gratinee ($12). The soup was loaded with sweet onion flavour and a nice beef broth with hints of sherry. The cheese on top was well melted and was not too hard with the right amount of gooey-ness when you are craving a good French Onion Soup.  Prices are pretty reasonable when you consider how crazy expensive NYC can get. 
This time around I ordered the Caesar Salad, which was a mistake. I really should have gone with a fancier choice. The salad was plain with a tad bit too much dressing for me.
Photo Credit - Spice Diary
Last time I was at Pastis, I ordered the Seared Tuna Nicoise Salad and it was incredibly satisfying. I hate when restaurants dump a can of tuna onto some greens and call it a Nicoise Salad - I could do that at home. The salad at Pastis came with generous chunks of perfectly seared tuna that looked absolutely decadent on a bed of greens. This salad truly eats like a meal.  If you are a fan of Balthazar Restaurant, Pastis shares the same owners according to their website.
If you are down in the Meatpacking District from Thursday to Saturday, it's easy to make plans to hit one of the local clubs in the area. Our favourite is Tenjune on Little West 12th Street - make sure you dress to impress.  
Arriving at Pastis at 9 or 10 PM may still mean that you will have to wait at least 30 minutes for a table. New Yorkers like to eat late. The dining room is very cozy with its dim lighting and soft candles. However the crowd is very lively and the restaurant is always packed. It can be very romantic if you are lucky to score a corner banquette table and its a great place to people watch. Service is friendly and attentive with lots of busboys constantly clearing your plates and filling your water on cue.  If you can't make it for dinner, I hear the brunch is pretty kick-ass.
9 9th Avenue, New York NY
(212) 929-4844

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