Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Urban Eats @ Pink's Hot Dogs, Las Vegas

The Vegas Showgirl Dog
Pink's Hot Dogs of Hollywood have fittingly landed themselves inside The Planet Hollywood Hotel in Las Vegas.  If you're looking for a cheap and dirty meal after a night of too much drinking, this is probably it.  Orson Welles once ate 18 (!) of these hot dogs in one sitting, and if it's good enough for Orson - it's good enough for me.  But I'm not eating 18 of these babies, no matter how good they look.  My husband Paul being the man that he is went for The Vegas Showgirl Dog ($6.75) which is topped with relish, diced tomatoes, onions, bacon, sauerkraut and sour cream.  Like a chunky soup, it eats like a meal, so make sure you clear your schedule for a nap after this baby.

The Extensive Hot Dog Menu
Do not doubt how big these hot dogs are - you could easily share one of these footlongs and a side of fries, which have a McDonald's taste and texture to them.  I got the Chili Cheese Dog (pictured above) topped with chili, cheese, onions and mustard.  Next time I would skip the mustard, it really overpowers the chili.  Sadly, I only got through half of it.  Pink's also carries a variety of slushy machine margaritas on tap.
Indoor seating is limited to one table, but there is a huge outdoor patio facing Las Vegas Blvd. Pink's has been serving their world famous hot dogs to large line-ups in Los Angeles since 1939 and their Vegas outpost seems to very popular with tourists and the late-night party crowd. 

Pink's Hot Dogs
Planet Hollywood Hotel
3667 Las Vegas Blvd. South
(702) 785-5555

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