Friday, February 24, 2012

Stylish Japanese Basics @ Uniqlo, NYC

Rows and rows of pants!
Consider Uniqlo to be American Apparel's cheap Japanese cousin. It's stocked full of stylish basics in a rainbow of colours at very reasonable prices. Think $10 cotton V-necks, $40 jeans and hoodies. The Flagship SoHo store in New York was the first location to open in North America and it's currently stocked with coloured denim, spring brights and a capsule collection of cool retro patterns from Irish designer, Orla Kiely.
Uniqlo really makes the best use of pricey Manhattan real estate with floor to ceiling merchandising on all three of their floors. We are talking rows upon rows of every style of jeans in any colour you could possibly imagine. Then they apply the same madness to t-shirts, tank tops and underwear, all at affordable -  and we are talking Old Navy type prices!
Hubby scored a pair of great fitting jeans for $19.50. The deal was so great that he got another 'destroyed' version for $34.50 and the quality was on par with what he usually buys for $100. Uniqlo keeps a very healthy stock of sizes in their store. Tanks will run you around $10 and button-up shirts range from $20-30. Coats start at $40 and you can also score some cheap underwear, socks, belts and leggings for under $10.  
The Wall of Denim
Make sure you plan a visit next time you are in New York and re-stock your closet with affordable basics. Make a list of what you want/need - the place is pretty overwhelming but it's definitely a fun shopping experience. Don't forget about the bonus of shopping in NYC, all clothing purchases under $110 are exempt from sales tax. That's 0%!  Which is an amazing deal if you are coming from Toronto where the tax rate is 13% and enough for me to book a flight back.
546 Broadway, New York NY
(917) 237-8811


  1. I'd rather buy American made

  2. I went nuts at Uniqlo. I bought so much stuff the first time I went (like four pairs of the same skinny pants in different colours for only $19 each) and then I went back the next day for more things. It's a great place to shop for basics.