Thursday, April 8, 2010

HUG's First Networking Event @ Pravda Vodka Bar

Last night, The Hip & Urban Girl's Guide hosted our FIRST all-girl networking sesh at Pravda Vodka Bar in Downtown, Toronto.  The call was put out on Facebook by invite or referral only and we had thirty amazing girls come out on Wednesday to dish about life and work over a vodka martini or two.  
We do really hope to grow the group through the amazing girls that read this blog!  Entrepreneurs and urban professionals are both welcome.  I used to run a meetup group for Toronto Women Working From Home, so this networking group grew out of that.  I was also very lucky to meet so many people in the wedding industry and past clients that I have DJ'd for, that a more diverse group was eventually created.  
We had a mix of people who are photographers, clincal researchers, mutual fund assistants, corporate communications, sales & marketing, DJs, from the music industry, a pastry chef, IT & public health consultants, an art dealer, co-ordinators, travel agent, massage therapist, child care, a bridal house fashionista, flight attendant and more!  It was definitely great to learn what other people do and to intersect with people that you normally wouldn't have a way to connect with.

We loooove Pravda's 'Happy Hour' which included a list of $6 martinis and bar appetizers.  The martini and vodka list really goes on for pages.  The food is Russian-inspired and includes caviars, perogies and charcuteries.
HUG is hoping to host an event every other month usually in the evenings.  Our next event in May is likely going to be a Monday night at The Drake Sky Yard if the weather is excellent!  We're always looking for suggestions and places where it's easy to mix and mingle.
So do you want to get in on the next event?

Send us an email and let us know what you do and we'll add you on to the invite list for our next Hip & Urban Girl Networking Event in Toronto.

Pravda Vodka Bar
44 Wellington Street East, Toronto ON
(416) 366-0303


  1. Thanks for organizing this Lisa! I had lots of fun. Can't wait for the next one.

  2. Had an awesome time - looking forward to the next one!


  3. Thanks for coming ladies! We have such a fun group going :) Look for another one some time in May...Drake Sky Yard!