Saturday, May 1, 2010

iPad - A Girl's New BFF?

Maybe "iPad" is not the best name for Apple's latest gadget. Period. But it flew off the shelves hours upon its release in the US on April 3. In Canada it goes on sale later this month.  

So why is the iPad the ultimate chick gadget?

1. It's Sexy! While there are already numerous ways to doll up this device from wool/cashmere Wrappers to pink coloured iSkins - on its own there is no doubt that the iPad is absolutely beautiful and (right now) it is the hottest fashion accessory on the block. Keeping with Apple's popular minimalistic design, it is sleek, glossy to the touch and pretty much looks like a large iPhone.

2. Size matters. The iPad measures 9.56 in (H) x 7.47 in (W) x 0.5 in (D) - the perfect size to just slip into your handbag without compromising valuable space. At a measley 1.5 lbs there is no worries of it weighing your handbag down so Mom can't nag you about your bad posture!

3. An App For Everything. The iPad is an app-centric device. For iPhone users we already know about the endless downloadable apps out there. The iPad currently boasts 1000 new apps - from games, productivity tools, receipes, news, social media, weather, maps etc.

4. Your new BFF. The iPad doesn't backstab or get jealous! It is the perfect go-to device for staying in touch with family/friends (via email, Facebook, Twitter), keeping your work/love/social life organized and provides hours of entertainment (catch up on your reading with iBook, listen to music on iTunes, watch movies, upload and share photos or surf the web). Like all Apple products it is user-friendly and very intuitive so don't worry about having to read the manual. Unfortunately, one thing it doesn't do is the laundry!

So what do you think ladies? I'd love to hear from you if you currently own an iPad or planning to purchase one.


  1. "Maybe "iPad" is not the best name for Apple's latest gadget. Period." lol...
    It's true.
    But I think I want one bad.

  2. @Crash Hahaha. I went to Buffalo this weekend and people were going crazy for it! It's like a really big iPhone in my opinion and I'm already too addicted to that.

  3. i want!!
    Thanks for sharing how happy you are with your new BFF. LOL.