Thursday, April 15, 2010

The SATC 2 VIP Screening Party - SOLD OUT!


The Hip & Urban Girl's SATC 2 VIP Screening Party sold out in under TWO days.  We only started out with 34 seats and had to call the theatre back to upgrade to the largest VIP screening room for 40 guests.

Guess what?  We are the only VIP Screening Room at Varsity Cinemas with just one print of film for the VIP Suites.  Amazing!

Networking starts at 8:30 PM in the lounge via a cash bar.  If you couldn't get tickets to our event, Cineplex is still selling tickets to their regular 9:30 PM screenings.  You can always meet us at 8:30 PM for the networking.  If so, please let us know - so we can look for you.

Now we can't wait until Thursday May 27th to see how the story unfolds!

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