Friday, April 23, 2010

Urban Eats @ School Bakery & Cafe

Making brunch plans for this weekend?
Check out this Liberty Village favourite, School Bakery and Cafe for one of the best brunches in Toronto.  Sundays are generally crazy here and they don't take reservations.  So get there before 11 AM to beat the line and to get on their list.  We got in just before and grabbed a take-out coffee to mull our hunger pains until our number came up.

Toblerone Banana Waffles
If Sunday is too crazy for you, School does a weeklong brunch menu and one of the few places in Toronto that does a Saturday brunch.  We love the play on the 'School' theme including the wall of clocks permanantly set to 3:30 PM, the apples on each table, the clipboard menu and the chalkboard that runs across the coffee bar.  
Omelet Goodness
I remember this place vaguely being the 'Warehouse Grill' a long time back.  School is booming on the weekends and I can only imagine the lunch business from all the hip offices in the Liberty Village 'hood.  Service is very friendly and someone even came over to take drink orders for those of us waiting in line on the patio.
The Caesar's
Nursing a hangover?  Nothing cures too much booze, then more booze.  Try one of their cold Caesar's ($8) or a Grapefruit or Orange Mimosa ($8).  The Toblerone Banana Belgian Waffles ($13) comes smothered in all the above goodness with a shot of maple syrup for good measure.  You gotta make sure you're awake right?  The Omelets ($12) are very hearty and come with a side of greens, homefries and a pepper biscuit.
SBC Eggs Benni
I'm a serious Eggs Benni girl.  I can't poach an egg to save my life and I'll never have an english muffin, bacon or hollandaise sauce at any one time in my house.  That's why I leave this to the experts.  The SBC Eggs Benni ($13) delivers on its promise with crispy bacon, poached eggs and spicy hollandaise on a cheddar chive biscuit (nice touch!).  It's served with a side of homefries that are well-seasoned, you will not leave hungry.
The Giant Popover
School also does a Giant Popover bun that they fill with scrambled eggs and served with greens and homefries.  If you're craving something sweet to take with you, check out their selection of cupcakes and whoopie pies at the bakery counter before you leave.  

The Bakery

The food is really good here and the price is right.  School is open for breakfast, lunch and detention from 3:30 - 7 PM for the after-work crowd.  The website notes that dinner is served during patio season.  Check this place out!
School Bakery and Cafe
70 Fraser Avenue, Toronto ON
(416) 588-0005

So where's your favourite brunch spot?  Have you been to School before?  What do you usually order at brunch?
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