Monday, April 19, 2010

Urban Eats @ Sweet Lulu

Sweet Lulu is Queen West comfort food.  Every skinny-jean hipster knows about the cheap and delicious noodles and rice combinations that they serve up here. You get to choose your own style of noodle and sauce or soup as part of their customizable menu.  I was feeling noodles, as per usual and went for the thick Shanghai Hokkien egg noodles with Laksa soup and tofu with vegetables ($8.95).
Make-your-own Noodle or Rice Dish
Black Bean Hokkien Noodles
Paul went for the same style noodle with savoury crushed black bean, stir-fried with chicken and vegetables ($9.95).  Sweet Lulu also lets you add herbs such as coriander, lemongrass and sweet basil so you can get the flavour you want.

Laksa Soup with Hokkien Noodles
Sweet Lulu is perfect for a cheap and easy lunch with three locations now in Downtown, Toronto.  We love their mod decor, sweet service and delicious food.
Sweet Lulu
859 Queen Street West, Toronto ON
(416) 203-7237
So what are your thoughts on Sweet Lulu?  Do you love it or hate?
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  1. I've never eaten there but always wondered if it was good or whether it was just another sub par pan-asian chain in Toronto..I'm glad to hear that its good eats!!

  2. I thought it was really good, as do a bunch of my friends! But I did hear one mixed review...give it a try! They have three locations now, so it must be doing well.