Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Yoga in Motion 2010

Hello there lovely HUGs, I’m Sandy Braz, writer behind the blog Reinventing SandyB, assistant editor for Oxygen magazine, co-founder of Yoga in Motion and a HUG through and through. And, I have one thing to say:

You can change the way cancer changes you.

That’s what I was thinking when the idea for Yoga in Motion was hatched back in 2007. It’s now grown to over 400 participants, dozens of partner yoga studios from around the GTA and north of the city and over $100,000 raised for breast cancer.

All photos by: Mika Midolo

So, how did Yoga in Motion come to be? A friend and I had been itching to get involved with a good cause, but none of them (although there are tons of wonderful charitable events running in the city) related two things that were important to us: Breast cancer awareness and fitness. Sure, there were walks and runs and cycling events, but what about yoga?

I’ve been teaching yoga since 2003, and mother was a breast cancer survivor (cancer free since ‘04), so the push was on to make it happen – to marry-up yoga and fundraising in a whole new way. We got involved with the Mount Sinai Hospital Auxiliary and started to make things happen. It took a lot of planning, phone calling, testing, failing and trying, but last year we did it and finally launched the event with more success than we could have hoped for. Nearly 200 people showed up to put their yoga in motion for a cure. 

This past Sunday, April 25, was the second annual Yoga in Motion event, held at the Liberty Grand in Toronto, but with a twist – we added the Latin-dance cardio craze, Zumba and people loved it (who knew? Yoga + Zumba = awesome). The day was nothing short of energetic, emotional and fun.

The top instructors from around the city came to teach yoga in one room and Zumba in another, with plenty of free giveaways from Naked Juice, Planet Organic and other locally sourced food vendors on hand to supply participants with fuel.

We were also joined by local celebrities Dr. Marla Shapiro (a breast cancer survivor and Yoga in Motion ambassador) and Mika Midolo (CP24 Breakfast) and Amber Payie (CP24 and 104.5) who are amazing ladies with nothing but love for us yogis!

The event was a place for fitness and yoga-lover alike to come together and raise awareness and funds for making change because, like I said, maybe we can’t change cancer – yet – but we can certainly change the way yoga changes us. The power of yoga, fitness and a positive perspective can do a lot for your health, which was the central theme of the event and continues to be our mantra. 

Sandy on the right!

Want to be part of next year’s Yoga in Motion? Visit  www.yogainmotion.ca to register (plus get a little bonus video of yours truly doing a little yoga-to-go!)

Thanks to HUGG for having me over today (doesn’t this blog rule?) You can stop by my blog,  Reinventing SandyB, any time and follow me as I check everything off of my Birthday List before my 30th birthday, just a few months away.

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