Friday, May 14, 2010

Urban Eats @ Buster Rhino's BBQ, Whitby

Southern BBQ with all the Fixin's
Urban Eats takes a Suburban detour this week to Buster Rhino's BBQ in Whitby.  It's a great little stop on your way out to Kingston or Montreal because they are literally off the 401.  How did I hear about this place?  Twitter!  See, it really does work.  Owner, Darryl Koster is big on twitter with almost 10,000 tweets.  He is incredibly friendly and accessible, tweeting on life, food and what's on the smoker.  You can follow him on twitter @BusterRhinosBBQ

Devouring the Rack & Hush Puppies on the Side
Buster Rhino's serves up award-winning Southern BBQ and there are trophies and cheques on the wall to prove it.  The ribs are dry rubbed with a special house blend and then basted in sauce before it's slow cooked over the smoker for four hours.  The result is a tender juicy rib that sizzles in sweet, smokey and savoury flavours in your mouth.  The bonus is that you inhale the smell of smoked maple logs that have soaked itself into each bite.  If you are a fan of their spice rub or BBQ sauce, both are available for purchase so you can hone your BBQ skills at home.  
Beef Brisket Sandwich
I also tried my first Hush Puppy, which looks like a chicken ball but is really a deep-fried cornbread fritter.  Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside with a little crunch to go with your ribs.  The coleslaw is chunky and not over-sauced which was really nice.  The baked beans went down really smooth between big bites of rib.  It was everything I could want for a Southern BBQ experience.  Our Full Rack of Ribs with a side and a pop was only ($14.99) as part of a Friday special.  Extra sides are ($2.50 for a small).  
Full Rack Order
The Beef Brisket Sandwich ($5.50) is served on a nice soft bun and smothered in a medium sauce that had a kick of heat.  The brisket is also slow-smoked and you can smell the heavenly difference between this and what you do on a slow cooker at home.  The meat is tender, juicy and thinly sliced on to your sandwich.  If you're not looking for a full rack of ribs, I would recommend this as a contender.  At this price and with this level of quality and care...I would never want to eat a fast food burger at a service station, if I could stop here instead.
Cook it at home
The No-Nonsense Dining Area
Check out Buster Rhino's BBQ next time you're out in the 'burbs.  A second location just opened in North Oshawa and there is a retail area where you can buy stuff like Smoked Chicken Wings ($11.99) to cook at home.  The restaurant has an eat-in area and offers take-out.  I am dreaming of when I can have enough people to order the behemoth Southern Picnic Pack ($74.99) for 2 racks of ribs, 1lb of pulled pork, 1 lb of pulled chicken, large baked beans, coleslaw, hush puppies, kaiser rolls, 8 drinks,  2 bottles of BBQ sauce.  Holy cow.  If you think you might be lost, you're not...keep going until you hit sort of an industrial strip mall area.  It's worth the drive to Whitby.
Friendly & helpful staff, explained everything to us
Buster Rhino's BBQ
#7-2001 Thickson Rd. S. Whitby, ON
(905) 436-6986
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