Monday, June 28, 2010

Urban Eats @ The Brick Works Farmer's Market

The Evergreen Brick Works throws a mean Farmer's Market on Saturdays from 8 am - 1 pm.  It could quite possibly be the *best* one in the city.  Located inside the old Don Valley Brick Works factory, the market is covered and protected from the rain but has an open-air feel to it because the pavilion is not walled in.  Show up early to get your pick of the gorgeous fresh produce and homemade goods direct from the farmer.  Come hungry because there are so many things you could have for breakfast or lunch, like a grilled cheese sandwich (above).  Here are some more pictures from our tour...

Thinking of starting a garden?  Make sure you visit the Evergreen Gardens to purchase some plants, soil and tools for your balcony or backyard.  They offer native plants and organic and heritage food plants as well.  The money goes back to support Evergreen, which is a national charity working to turn The Brick Works into a community environmental centre.  You will see lots of things under restoration and construction.  I can only imagine that it will be even more spectacular when everything is complete.  It truly is a win for Toronto!

The first thing I smelled on an early Saturday morning?  Waffles!!!  Do yourself a favour, grab yourself a nice dark coffee at the entrance and pair it up with some fresh Belgian Waffles from the Wafflebar (above, left).  They are sugary, warm, crispy and made from natural local ingredients.  Served up with fresh stewed strawberries, icing sugar and whipped cream.  Tim Clement Crepes (above right) runs a pretty busy crepe stand in case you are feeling something more savoury.  As you can tell from these pictures, everyone is incredibly friendly and happy to be cooking for you.  Make sure you check out the wafflewiches and fresh baked goods (below) too.  We love homemade and not factory produced eats!

Buffalo Hot Dogs on a stick and a live musician keeps the vibe fresh
Fresh field greens, a variety of mushrooms and pickled goodness

Organically grown flowers would make a beautiful wild flower arrangement for your home.
One of our favourite bakeries, St. John's Bakery is there with fresh loaves of bread.
Another live trio providing music and setting an upbeat atmosphere

Frites in a cone sprinkled with herbs and served in a paper cone with mayo.  They were one of the busiest stands after Merchants of Green Coffee (below, right).  The coffee at Brick Works was hands-down some of the BEST and smoothest dark coffee I have ever had.  $2 for a small and $3 for a large.  It beats that clover machine by a mile!  The product is organic, green and fresh roasted fair trade coffee.  They sweeten it with different types of liquid sugar.  You can see how they brew it below.  Another favourite booth were the homemade corn tortillas made and fried right in front of us on a giant skillet.  Homemade salsa, fresh cheese are loaded inside and melted to gooey perfection.  $5 for two tortillas.

The best thing about The Evergreen Brick Works Farmer's Market is that it really does feel like a food festival that you can go to every weekend.  Produce is always changing, local community groups are on hand to educate and performance groups also entertain under the pavilion.  Do bring lots of cash as there are no ATMs on site and no debit accepted.  We saw lots of dogs wandering around with their owners and cyclists stopping after a bike ride.  

The market is completely family friendly and there are lots of 'discovery' areas, including a giant sand pit and tree fort for kids to explore.  Make sure you grab your lunch and find a cozy spot to enjoy in front of the pond behind the pavilion at The Brick Works.  Book this into a Saturday now!  For more information, do visit their website at


  1. d'awww, thanks for writing about my company, guys! i have one weeee quibble. it's actually "Evergreen Brick Works," three words, rather than "Evegreen Brickworks."

  2. Oooohhh thanks for the note - I will adjust and get the word out on this excellent place in Toronto!

  3. Totally agree that Merchants of Green Coffee makes one of the smoothest cups of coffee, great pictures too!