Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Urban Eats @ Ed's Real Scoop

There's a heatwave on in Toronto right now.  Like sauna hot.  We are hovering around 43 degrees today and the only way the hip & urban girl is leaving her air-conditioned home is when you lure me out with food. On a day like this...you're going to have to use ice cream.  But it can't just be any old ice cream scooped out of some cardboard box.  We are looking for sweet, sweet bliss in a homemade waffle cone.  The Hip & Urban Girl's Guide moseys on over to Ed's Real Scoop in Leslieville to get our fix...

Ed's Real Scoop is celebrating their 10th year making homemade ice creams and gelatos for their loyal fans.  The Leslieville location that we visited is second to their original location in the Beaches.  They even make their own waffle cones in-house and the smell is irresistible that you will want to bypass the sugar cone altogether once you get a whiff.  Ed's mouthwatering and artisan flavours include: Strawberry Rhubarb, Key Lime, Ginger, Mojito, Carrot Cake and Chocolate Orange.  Yes, the line-up is out the door - but you'll spend the entire time deciding what flavour you want to get and it's worth the wait.

The menu also includes milkshakes, take home pints, sundaes and a bar full of fun toppings.  I might just become a fixture here, just to get through all the flavours.  We highly recommend grabbing dinner at one of the fantastic restaurants in Leslieville first.  Save LOTS of room for dessert and plan an after dinner stroll over to Ed's Real Scoop for ice cream.  Enjoy your cone or cup on one of their seats in front of their store.  This homegrown ice cream parlour is another fantastic addition the bustling foodie-hood of Leslieville.  I am so happy that it's here.
Check out the line of ice cream fans
Love This!
I finally settle for Bordeaux Cherry and Chocolate Swirl as a single scoop in a sugar cone.  I convince hip + urban husband (huh?) into the waffle cone, with full intention of eating of his ice cream too.  I just can't eat the big scoops that they put in a waffle cone and the single scoop was the perfect size for me.  My Bordeaux Cherry kicked Ben & Jerry's ass.  The cherry pieces were huge and not cut up into small factory-sized chunks.  It was the perfect balance between cherry and chocolate.  I love big pieces of fruit and it was worth every calorie.  Hey, it's summer!  You gotta eat ice cream at every opportunity :)

So what's your favourite ice cream spot in the city?  Flavours to try?

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  1. good thing they weren't hit with the power outage last night!

  2. Love it there! It's probably my favourite ice cream place so far. I had the burnt marshmallow and blueberry pie, both were so delicious and creamy~

  3. I really love marshmallow ice cream...that's next!

  4. EVERYONE tells me I have to go here. Thanks for reminder - perfect timing with the heat wave.