Monday, July 5, 2010

Urban Eats @ Manpuku, Toronto

Have an udon noodle bowl craving?  Hip + urban girl loves slurping up a comforting bowl of hot noodles in a yummy and savoury broth.  We were recently directed to Manpuku, a 'modern Japanese eatery' located in a mall food court right across the street from OCAD.  It's not a fancy restaurant or anything, but there is seating and service as well as a large counter where you can order take-out.  The prices are definitely student-friendly with a Niku Udon Noodle Bowl (above) with beef and onions going for a mere $5.99.

The Kake Udon Bowl ($3.99) comes topped with a kamaboko fish cake, tenkasu and diced scallions.  The thick noodles are filling and the broth is simple, you can't beat that price - literally the same as a Happy Meal.  The Takoyaki ($4.99) are small octopus fritters topped with a creamy sauce, katsuo and aonori (below).  They were a bit chewier than I imagined and took awhile to be prepared.  We also tried the Yakionigiri ($3.49) which is like a fried rice patty grilled in a miso or soy sauce.  Throw in a large side salad for your vegetable content at only ($2.49).  We couldn't believe the prices.  
We would say the stars of the show really are the Udon Noodle Bowls which are all under $6. The little Japanese snacks were good, but the bowls were the best and the portions generous.  Perfect for a cheap and easy meal.  The ambiance is incredibly laid-back and casual with a U-shaped kitchen counter and small dining area.  Dinner for three only ran us $25 and we were all stuffed.  Visit them online at  105 McCaul Street #29-31 inside the Village by the Grange.

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  1. Thanks for this post. I work right by The Grange so I must try one of the Udon Noodle soup bowls. I am always looking for cheap lunch deals.

  2. Ahhh I want to try this place =) I personally find Aijisen over rated and expensive!

  3. I heard Ajisen was like fast food-style ramen. I still want to check it out! The Grange is such a funny food court, but the Udon bowls are worth the trip.