Thursday, July 22, 2010

Urban Eats @ Mildred's Temple Kitchen, Toronto

We have heard nothing but great things about the food at Mildred's Temple Kitchen, a Liberty Village favourite.  So it was great to finally find out for ourselves what their famous brunch is all about.  We love the inventive menu and how it's not just the usual big breakfast scramble.  Mildred's is a classy joint with a fancier than usual brunch menu and a friendly staff of servers.  It's a place that you would want to take your parents.  Brunch is served Saturday and Sunday until around 3 PM.  Here's what we ordered...

The Heuvos Monty ($14, above) is like a breakfast quesedilla of goodness.  Refried beans, sharp cheddar cheese are baked between two crispy, chewy flour tortillas.  The quesedilla is topped with a sunny side egg, salsa and avocado creme fraiche.  It could easily cure a hangover without leaving you with that over-greased feeling.  Veda's Choice ($14, first page)  is a twist on the traditional Salmon Eggs Benedict.  Instead of an english muffin, a perfectly poached egg is served on a large puffy croissant with smoked salmon and Bearnaise sauce.  The result is heavenly.  The salmon, eggs and Bearnaise all melt in your mouth with lots of croissant to go around.  The crispy oven potatoes could have been a tad crispier, but we came late in the day.
The patio is small and relaxing with lots of shade from the umbrellas.  However on a hot, humid Toronto day, the sleek indoor dining room, cold concrete floors and air conditioning were calling us.  The chairs were space-age like and comfortable.  We loved how much natural light flowed into the space.  After a solid brunch, wander across the path to scope out some furniture at West Elm or pick up some wine for a big gourmet Sunday night dinner at the LCBO.  You can even do your grocery shopping at the Metro just down the road.
The brunch at Mildred's Temple Kitchen is modern, fresh and elegant.  Yes, some days you just need a greasy hangover breakfast.  Other days, you are totally sober and want a nice place to bring your folks or celebrate with friends.  Mildred's Temple Kitchen is definitely that place and we say that it's hip + urban girl approved.  What other brunch spots do you recommend?

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  1. Was just at Mildred's for Summerlicious and couldn't agree more! My friend actually described the feeling inside like a 'space aged cafeteria'. The food was fantastic and the service was great!

    Check out my blog if you get a chance - always looking for new and yummy places to eat!