Friday, August 6, 2010

Urban Eats @ Teca, JW Marriott Muskoka

When it comes to resort food, I know not to expect much beyond burgers and fries.  Teca Restaurant inside the The Rosseau, JW Marriott Resort in Muskoka really blew us away.  The classic and comforting Italian menu inside a cozy dimly lit room, really made our getaway special.  After a long day in the sun, it was nice to have someone cook for you and relax over a glass of wine and maybe some champagne!  It felt like a vacation and cottage getaway combined into one.  Here are some food-loving photos...

If you are dining at Teca with a group of girlfriends or on a romantic getaway, then we highly recommend the sharing platters.  We love eating family style and the variety you get to sample.  Hip + Urban Husband (huh?) and I chose Nona's Platter ($24/each, minimum of two people) which included three different items.  The first thing to arrive was the homemade Agnolotti filled with goat cheese and truffle whipped potato in a buttery parmesan cream sauce with broccolini on the side.  It was like a soft buttery pillow melting in my mouth that was part pasta, but part pierogi.  Bliss on a fork (see photo on first page) and my favourite thing of the night.  The Margherita Flatbread with vine tomato, buffalo mozzarella and basil came next.  The pizza at Teca is made within the parameters of D.O.C. status for Denominazione di Origine Controllata of legally permitted ingredients and preparation methods for true Neapolitan pizza.  I have to admit,  Pizzeria Libretto in Toronto has spoiled me.  The pizza at Teca was good, but I do like the one at Libretto a bit better.   However it was still very delicious and the crust was thin and blistered from the wood-stone oven.
The Spaghetti & Meatballs filled our need for more comfort food that day. The pasta is brought in, but the star of the show really are the soft, moist veal meatballs.  They are gigantic and soak up all the homemade tomato sauce.  The crispy flatbread instead of traditional bread was a nice touch with our meal.  Each table came equipped with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  The dessert menu was very tempting and we couldn't decide what to share, so we ordered two.  When you're on vacay, you just want to eat it all!!  I chose the Lemoncello Semifreddo ($10, pictured below) which was like a semi-frozen ice cream which broke down like a granita but melted in your mouth because of all the cream.  The lemoncello flavour was very refreshing and the fruit provided a nice tart contrast.
The other choice was Spumoni Gelato ($10), which sort of reminded me a Baked Alaska.  Under the toasted meringue, there were layers of white peach, yogurt, strawberry and shortbread.  The gelato was a bit too frozen still to break through properly, but the meringue was delicious and this was a very creative dessert.  It looked gorgeous in terms of presentation.
Reservations are a must, as the restaurant not only caters to hotel guests but to local residents as well.  The restaurant is small with large groups taking up many tables for celebrations.  I would call at least a week in advance during high season, maybe even more.  We were able to secure a table only at 9 PM with no reservation on a Sunday night.  Teca really did impress and it's hip + urban girl approved.

For more information: The Rosseau, JW Marriott Website

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