Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fresh Goods At The Tastemakers' Lounge

Everything you've heard about gifting suites during TIFF are true and The Hip and Urban Girl's Guide got to experience it first hand yesterday. Now in its sixth year, Rock-It Promotions invites VIPs and Talent to their Tastemakers' Lounge to experience products on display and three interactive stations.

I danced all they way to my Media Preview at the Intercontinental Hotel where the lovely ladies of Rock-It Promotions greeted me with a cup of hot tea and a guided tour through the fantastically fresh lounge.

My first stop was Mattel. Instantly I was transported back to those simple childhood days of sitting around with the other neighbourhood kids playing board games. Mattel keeps things fresh for all ages and continues to entertain us with variations of our favourite classic games like Pictionary Man, Whac-a-Mole Card Game and Mad Gab Picto-Gabs Card Game. Mattel also showcased their new skill and action music memory game, Loopz.

Next I got blinged out by MMCrystal's "Loves Legions" dog tags. Each tag is engraved with a single inspiring word such as Love, Strength, Believe, Soul, etc. and brought to life by Swarovski crystal accents. Not only are they real pretty but you'll feel good wearing it knowing that they are only $49 each plus proceeds from every tag sold will be donated to support veterans, wounded soldiers and their families.

For someone like me who sticks to the typical black and silver metal wire frames I was truly surprised to see such fashionable and innovative eyewear at the Wescan Optical booth. It took me a good while to go through the displays and pick out my pair of Kliik's with delicious chocolate brown frames and a subtle pattern of forest green along the arms of the glasses. Until now, I never really thought of prescription eyewear as making a big fashion statement!

The next two stops were all about comfort for the city girl always on the go. Damn Heels comes to the rescue after a night of reckless dancing (yes, you know those nights where the soles of your pinched feet end up being as red as the bottom of your Louboutins)! The solution - $20 cute ballet fold-up flats complete with it's own zippered pouch for storing. Toss them in your bag, take them wherever you go and never swear off heels again!
Bamjamz uses bamboo organic stretch blends for their sleep and loungewear collection (priced $46-98). I love the simplicity of their nature-inspired designs and fabric that is breathable and hypoallergenic plus they are knitted right in Canada! I can't wait to slip into my oversize butterfly tunic tonight!

My last stop was getting pampered with a mini-manicure and makeup touchup at Joe Fresh. As if I wasn't having enough fun discovering and trying out all their products, I was absolutely ecstatic when I found out that the Joe line carried my charcoal grey nail polish for $4! (I've been in search of a bold grey polish for over a year now)!

So what a great afternoon I had! Thanks again to Rock-It Promotions who never fail to impress and ALWAYS knows how to treat me like a celeb! Oh and I'm sure you are all wondering just what is in those swag bags...

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