Wednesday, September 15, 2010

RealTV Social Media TIFF Lounge

So exactly where do the celebs and filmmakers hang out to rest their feet, refuel and replenish their red carpet looks (plus Tweet of course)? Well The Hip and Urban Girl's Guide gives you a sneak peek inside the RealTVfilms Social Media Lounge located on the corner of Peter and Richmond in the Entertainment District.

Media and celebs can hang out at the Expresso Bar to sip on cappuccinos + indulge in canolis courtesy of Grazie Restaurant.

Disguise yourself from paparazzi with sunglasses from the Italian eyewear company, Les Pieces Uniques known for their quality, craftsmenship and design. Each pair of these glasses are handmade and fitted for both comfort and style. (Prices start at $250.)

At the Winks Eyelash Boutique, I got my first set of "Flares" extensions (and so begins another beauty addiction)! Lasting from 2 weeks to 2 months, they are perfect for special occasions or to create the instant voluminous flirty look - and no mascara is needed! (Eyelash extensions range from $22-255 depending on lash type, length and thickness.)

Stop by to hang out with makeup artist, Caroline Grenier as she gets you camera ready with a brand new makeup line, Inspire Cosmetics.

Lastly, I met up with the beautiful Samantha Gutstadt as she interviewed Rapper, Solitare for RealTV films and media sponsor TCHAD Quarterly.

And we all know how celebs never leave these things empty-handed so here's the lovely loot I picked up...

HUGS and a big thank you to Jenn of Perras Public Relations for the invite and her intern, Julia who was the perfect host!

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  1. Very swank place to hang out in. I'm looking forward to seeing what this location turns into. And that Ed Hardy folding chair was an amazing swoop!