Thursday, September 2, 2010

Time to get TIFF'd

We have guest blogger, Nelu Handa representing for The Hip & Urban Girl's Guide today.  She's giving us the lowdown on all things TIFF:

Maybe it’s the cooling pre-autumn breezes that are making Toronto feel all tingly right now. My guess though, is that our fair city is bracing itself for the annual takeover by the world’s most anticipated films, hot parties, and of course, Ryan Reynolds, Matt Damon, and every other actor on the cover of Details who makes our hearts flutter (can I get an amen ladies?).

The Hip & Urban Girls Guide was lucky to attend Skyy Vodka's Countdown to TIFF Cocktail Party in the batcave of The Hazelton Hotel (okay, maybe not quite the batcave, but it felt super cool).  It was an awesome insider sneak peek at what to expect for TIFF 2010.  Fill me with seductive cocktails and tell me what’s up for the most wonderful time of the year? Please and Thank you! 

So what are YOU in it for?
Umm, the parties…obvie! However you can swing this (translation: get your schmooze on!), your best bets are to get on the VIP guest list (or climb down from the roof) for the following soirees:
Friday Sept 10: Alliance Films Studio Party
Where? South of Temperance
Who? Ryan Gosling, Michelle Williams, Frida Pinto

Saturday Sept 11: ONE X ONE
Where? Bisha
Who? Matt Damon, Wayne Gretzky, and all the A-listers who pop in from the back door.

Tuesday September 14: In Style
Where? Windsor Arms
Who? Natalie Portman, Clive Owen, Katherine Keener, Ryan Reynolds (mmmhmmm).

During the festival: The Roof Lounge
Where? The Park Hyatt Hotel
Who? Eventually, everyone. Just get yourself up to the 18th floor by midnight and own it.
SKYY Berry Baruchel- blueberry infused deliciousness!
Looking hot alongside all the Red Carpet glamour!
Of course you gotta look fly all the while! According to Designer Rita Liefhebber, for a great look, try pairing Navy Blue and Black, don an asymmetrical top, and experiment with chunky jewelery to keep you standing out with sophisticated cool.  
For your hair, teased yet polished buns are the look, accessorized with alternating colours of bobby pins for a bit of flair on the side- try silver and black. Simple, sexy and elegant.  And of course, don’t forget the shoes...
Wait! It’s about the films!  With over 300 films being screened, TIFF has an awesome selection of movies to keep you captivated. Movie Critic Richard Crouse was on hand to give us a preview of a few that look like they’re gonna rock the fest.

- Buried: Ryan Reynolds is kidnapped, put into a coffin, and buried with a cell phone and a lighter. The film plays out in real-time, and oh, it’s shot ENTIRELY inside the coffin. Ryan Reynolds in a box for 90 minutes. Do with that what you will.

- You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger: If you haven’t gotten into Woody Allen movies, please start now. Please. The 73 year old New Yorker has pulled together yet another incredible ensemble to tell a modern story of love, sex, death, and all the fun in between. Featuring funny performances from the beautiful Frida Pinto, Josh Brolin, Antonio Banderas, Naomi Watkins, Anthony Hopkins, and Gemma Jones (from mum of Bridget Jones fame) 

- Blue Valentine: Ryan Gosling. Enough said. 

- Let Me In: Chloe Moretz (Hit-Girl from Kick Ass) befriends her bullied neighbour in this remake of a Swedish film.  Did I mention her character is also a 12 year old vampire? “Vampires agaaaaain?” you say? Don’t fret, this one’s different.
So are you getting excited? Amazing movies, spotting Javier Bardem from across the room, and looking fabulous all the while…let the games begin!

Nelu is a freelance writer based out of Toronto, Ontario

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