Thursday, September 30, 2010

Urban Eats - English Pub Fare, London UK

The jet lag has finally worn off and The Hip + Urban Girl's Guide is ready to share all about our recent trip across the pond.  We landed in London after a 6.5 hour flight from Toronto for a stopover and sleep catch-up.  We flew Air Transat from YYZ into London Gatwick with our layover hotel in the charming little town of Crawley.  The first thing on our mind?  English Pub Grub!  So off to the local watering hole we went.  Here are some pics from our meal at The Punch Bowl: 
Well, we never said pub grub was nutritious...which is why it's delicious!  The Classic: Fish + Chips with Mushy Peas.  It was as crispy as this picture looks.
Bangers + Mash.  OK, I agree that this may not look appetizing to everyone..but it was delicious.  A giant Yorkshire pudding filled with mashed potatoes, peas and country pork sausage smothered in dark brown gravy.  This did not get finished because it was so massive.  

Stay tuned for more exciting food, adventures and pictures from Europe!

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  1. I love Yorkshire pudding! Bangers and Mash does not sound good at all but I would definitely try it. Although I may only just eat the Yorkshire pudding...