Thursday, September 23, 2010

Urban Eats @ Quaff Cafe, Toronto

We like places where we can work, drink coffee and mooch free Wifi.  Quaff Cafe on Queen Street West in Toronto fits all that criteria and then some.  We were definitely digging the hip space and location.  During the day, the cafe is bustling with freelancers, business meetings and the clackity-clack of Macbooks.  Quaff is full of natural light at the front of the cafe and moves towards a warmer, cozier feel as you head towards the back.  They serve up lots of little snacks to keep a blogger like me happy...

Love the chalkboard wall and vintage counter
Mini sandwich cookies with soft centres and long, hardy pieces of biscotti

The wall colour is really soft on the eyes and the furniture is more comfortable than it looks.  Quaff Cafe is a great place to just hang out and have a coffee or meet with friends.
Tasty desserts and my Mini Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookie.  We definitely like Quaff because of its laid-back atmosphere for freelancers or anyone working from home to get things done.  My latte was super smooth too and they serve up paninis too if you get peckish.

Quaff Cafe
668 Queen Street West
(647) 344-8558
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