Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Everything I Ate @ Oktoberfest in Germany

The Hip Urban Girl is back from Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany with the pictures to prove it!  Here are some snaps of everything we ate while we visited the massive beer and food fest last month.  A funny note, Oktoberfest actually happens in September not October because the weather is too cold.
Spaetzle - I want to say that it reminded me of what I think German Macaroni & Cheese would taste like.  Sprinkled with chives and crispy fried onions on top.  It was pretty gourmet considering I was in a packed beer tent with 10,000 other people.  Who knew that each tent would have such a sophisticated menu with daily specials and gorgeous charcuterie platters?  The egg noodle is soft and a little bit chewy with a very light cheese sauce.  Perfect for anchoring down a lot of beer.
Candied Fruit - What would an outdoor carnival be without a couple candy apples?  Oktoberfest takes it to the next level and candies other types of fruit on these delectable looking skewers.  They even had a huge section dedicated to fruits covered in chocolate.

Beer & Pretzels - Beer is generally only available by the litre here, so make sure you're committed.  A litre will run you around eight to nine euros.  I opted to drink Radler, which is half beer and half lemonade, though at Oktoberfest I swear it must've been half sprite.  Which made for an extra fizzy, sweet beer.  Lucky for me, it made it much lighter and I didn't get drunk too fast.  The beer at Oktoberfest is also stronger with around 6% alcohol content.  You will feel it.  Over 7 million litres of beer were drank by the 6.4 million people who attended the festival.  I paid six euros for this giant pretzel, but once I saw the size of this sucker - I couldn't resist.
Roast Chicken - I could only fit three of these rotisseries in this picture, but there were at least ten at this booth alone.  The wafting heat of roasting chickens made it feel like the middle of July.  A half chicken was around ten euros and it's customary to just eat it and pick it apart with your hands.  Roast chicken can be found all over the grounds and is one of the most popular food items.  Over 30,000 chickens were consumed this year over the ten day festival.
Grilled Pork chops & Onions
Sausage: Ever type of sausage and wurst that you can imagine is here at Oktoberfest.  The favourite was the skinny sausage (below) which grilled up quite nicely with a crispy texture on the outside.  Loaded with lots of sauerkraut of course.  Currywurst was interesting, it was pretty much a sausage sprinkled with lots of curry powder on top.
Fried Potato Dumplings with LOTS of Sauerkraut
Schnitzel with Potato Dumplings
Turkey in a Mushroom Sauce with Bread Dumplings

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