Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Best Halloween Costume Shops

By Wendy Kam Marcy

Halloween is no longer a holiday for the kiddies. Girls can now use it as an excuse to show some extra skin and boys can finally try on their girlfriend's eyeliner!

So what are the top costumes this year?

We are hearing everything from Pokemon, to your favourite (or not so fave) politicians Trump and Crooked Hillary, Star Wars, Trolls (are back!), American Horror Story characters and of course, no one gets tired of zombies!

Malabar - is so popular that you'll find yourself in a lineup if you go the week of Halloween.  However, it's worth the wait because this is our favourite costume store hands-down in all of Toronto! They have very knowledgeable staff and carry an extensive array of pre-packaged costumes, accessories, rentals, makeup, wigs, hats, masks and everything else your little devil's heart desires.

Spirit Halloween - city slicker ghosts and goblins can now conveniently shop this popup on Queen Street West. Costumes for the whole family, props and decorations can all be found here.

Creepers - they call themselves Canada's creepiest and sexiest Halloween superstore and rightfully so because they've got everything! The staff even dress up as their favourite characters. Their "Pop Culture" section is pretty cool with costumes from Harley Quinn, The Walking Dead, Transformers and popular video game heroes.

Candy's Costume Shop - this is the place to go to if you are looking for something extra special and unique. They sell costumes all year round so their inventory is well stocked and the staff is very helpful. They carry tons of accessories, wigs, makeup and rental costumes too.

Exile - remember Mr. Dressup's trunk? Well this place in Kensington Market reminds me of it. There are racks and racks of second-hand clothing and vintage pieces that make excellent costumes if you've got the creativity.

Party supply megastore Party City carries your more traditional costumes like witches, pirates, nurses, etc. at cheaper prices. These places are truly the one-stop shop if you are also hosting a party and need decorations, treats and supplies.

Seduction - yes, I'm sure you know what store I'm talking about! The sex shop on Yonge Street transforms into a erotica boutique that (surprise, surprise) sells sexy adult costumes during Halloween. Most costumes come pre-packed with their accessories and they also carry matching costumes for your hip and urban guy.

Theatrix Costume House - thousands of theatrical costumes to chose from! This is when you want to get real hardcore and win that "best costume" prize.

Sephora - get the full treatment during a one-on-one appointment with a beauty expert for the finishing touches to your hypnotic Halloween look.  A minimum $50 purchase is required and is by appointment only. Meanwhile check out their Halloween must-haves.

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  1. The Monster Outlet Store mentioned above is no longer in operation. Cody Halloween by Cody Party Toronto Beaches is a permanent party store that is affiliated with Monster Halloween and we are part of the ByCody network of stores. We offer the same costumes, props & accessories for kids, teens and adults. We are located at 1089 Kingston Road at Victoria Park in Toronto Beaches. Visit us to take advantage of our Buy More Save More promotion where you can save up to 30% on your entire purchase!

  2. Thanks for letting us know. Happy Halloween!

  3. Don't forget Midoco (
    They're also an art/craft store so you can make your own and get creative!