Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hip Hotel - AC Hotel in Pisa, Italy

During The Hip Urban Girl's whirlwind tour of Italy last month, we came across this modern hotel chain called AC Hotels.  Our darling little suite in Pisa, Italy only ran us around 120 Euros with free parking, breakfast and a close proximity to the airport.  The rooms were clean, spacious and luxurious for a great price.  AC Hotels has locations in Spain, Portugal and Italy and is a totally affordable choice for the jet-setting hip + urban girl on the move.
Over the top glass sink and tile in the bathroom.  The soap came in a shape of a golf ball, which was very neat.  They left lots of amenities in the room like extra toothbrush, razors and shoe kit in case you forgot anything.  The mini-bar was also free and was filled with bottled water and soda.  It was a nice touch with no nickle and diming!  WiFi is the only exception and is very expensive throughout Europe.  We really liked the modern furniture and TVs in the lobby/lounge area (above).
Hotel Entrance (above).  The AC Hotels chain reminds me of the W Hotel chain here in North America.  Some of the other location are even swankier with infinity pools, loungers and gorgeous architecture.  If you love hotels and design as much as I do, take a look at some of their other properties.  When I finally plan my trip to Spain, I will definitely go back to this chain again.
Of course, there was the mandatory stop at the leaning tower or Pisa.  I refused to do the 'pushing the tower' photo, but hip + urban husband gladly obliged.  What a geek!  Pisa is a great day trip out of Florence or even an overnight.  The city centre is lined with charming shops, cafes and restaurants.  We didn't need much more than a day here, before we flew out to Germany.  It's still worth a visit.
For more information on AC Hotels for the next time you're in Europe, visit:

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