Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Urban Eats - The Dessert Tent @ Oktoberfest, Munich

Just when you think you can't drink another drop of beer at Oktoberfest, you can seek shelter inside The 'Dessert' Tent and smother your sorrows in a Black Forest Cake (below).  I did exactly that and traded beer for cocktails, coffee and sugar.  Oktoberfest in Munich is not just all about beer.  Inside the Cafe tent we were able to find every sort of cocktail and champagne to keep the party going.  Prices are definitely jacked up at close to 12-14 Euros for a drink and around 9 Euros for a glass of Prosecco.  It being Oktoberfest, you let a lot of things slide.
The dessert tent had a full menu of sweets on offer.  My cake was filled with mousse, cherries, a layer of cake and a biscuit bottom.  Smother that whole thing in cream and you got yourself a sweet dessert.  Everything looked like it was homemade on-site.
The cute gingerbread house design (above).  The dessert tent is called, 'Cafe Kaiserschmarrn' and is dubbed Oktoberfest for pastry-lovers.  Yup, that's me.  A wonderland of cakes and pies?  I could live here.
The band plays on top of the bar in the centre of the tent
Cheers from The Hip Urban Girl in Munich!
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