Thursday, October 21, 2010

Urban Eats @ Little Nicky's Coffee

Tiny Tom style donuts are no longer reserved for the CNE anymore.  We found hot, fresh, gooey mini-donuts at Little Nicky's Coffee Shop in Toronto.  This charming little coffee nook is full of vintage style and charm.  Located just south of Queen Street, the cafe attracts a loyal following from the office buildings that surround it.  So if you're in the area and craving hot coffee and fresh donuts, head straight here where they are bathed in sparkling cinnamon sugar.
The donut machine was apparently an expensive addition to the cafe, but not as expensive as the ventilation hood that they had to install above it.  I think it's worth every penny, because it really differentiates Little Nicky's even further from all the other chain coffee places in the area.  I will now go out of my way to grab coffee here, just so I can snack on those adorable donuts.

I asked Renee Bonise, the owner who exactly is Nicky and was he or she really that little?  Turns out, she named it after her little dog - tres cute!  We were told that the decor is made up of vintage pieces that they had collected and decided to put it all into the cafe.  Renee clearly has an eye for style and colour.
Not a coffee person?  They do a great selection of juices, teas and iced beverages as well.  My mini-donut addiction can now be serviced year-round, which is good thing for me, bad thing for my non-stretchy pants.
Little Nicky's Coffee
375 Queen Street West, Toronto
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  1. I walked into this place about a month ago with my business partners and they were really nice and the service was solid. They even gave me some free donuts to share (glad I wasn't alone) :)

  2. I tried to schedule a donut tweet up but somehow got left out. I ventured on my own instead to get these delicious morsels. It was so worth it. I scarfed down the six in seconds!