Monday, October 25, 2010

Urban Eats - Oktoberfest Cookies in Munich

Accessory + Cookie.  We like things that multi-task.  The Hip Urban Girl found these festive heart-shaped gingerbread cookies called lebkuchen all over Oktoberfest in Munich and just had to share.  The cookies come in all different sizes and some of them even have a prize in the middle.  I made sure I didn't chomp down too hard, because I'm pretty sure my dental coverage didn't extend all the way to Germany.  We took a couple of these edible souvenirs home, each one cost around four Euros.
Each cookie is decorated with colourful icing sugar and sweet Bavarian sayings.  It was the ultimate Oktoberfest accessory to match your dirndl or lederhosen.  Plus you get to eat it after :)  

Not quite sure what this says...but I think it says, "I like you".
We will be covering Oktoberfest in Munich all week on the blog!  Check back for my coverage on what we ate, saw and did.  If you've never been to the real thing, check out the link below and get yourself over there. 

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