Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Urban Eats - Sweet Treats in Italy

What's life without a little dolce?  We found these adorable sweet treats during The Hip & Urban Girl's tour through Italy last month.  We think Gelato is an excellent source of fruit, which justified us eating everyday.  Check out the delicious gourmet gelato Popsicles (left) we found in Florence, Italy.  The texture is smooth and creamy with less fat and air than traditional ice cream. Gelato is slow-churned which results in a denser, more intense flavour and a perfect finish to an big Italian meal.  Follow the jump for more treats...

The kinda angry looking sign says, "I'm not a Popsicle".  So are you a Gelato-sicle?  Kind of passive aggressive don't you think?  At least it didn't translate into, "No pictures"!

Gelato Ice Cream Sandwiches Dipped in Chocolate (left)
The Gelato Bar (right)
More gelato popsicles dipped in chocolate
Gourmet Semifreddo (semi-frozen) Desserts that are served up like ice cream.  The ones we found were loaded up with chunks of goodness like profiteroles and tiramisu.
It is probably safe to say that gelato bars in Florence are everywhere, like Starbucks in New York City.  You can't turn a corner without bumping into one and that ain't a bad thing.

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