Thursday, October 28, 2010

Urban Eats @ Swish by Han, Toronto

I'm a big fan of tapas and eating a variety of different things.  Put a plate of steak and potatoes in front of me and I get bored after ten minutes.  Maybe I'm a bit of an ADD food-lover, but what I always love is tapas.  The Hip Urban Girl checked out the Korean version at Swish By Han in Toronto's St. Lawrence Market District.  We were quite impressed by the inventive menu and warm exposed-brick walls in the space.  
Not to be missed is the Beef Swish Set ($25) that we shared between three people.  It's pretty much like Korean Hot Pot which is loads of fun, especially as the weather gets colder.  A hot bowl of broth is brought to your table and thinly sliced pieces of beef, mushrooms, bok choy for you to cook and swish around.  The set is finished off with noodles that are cooked up in the broth and soaks up all the flavour.

Spicy Pork Buns ($7)
We really dig the food and vibe at Swish by Han.  It's perfect for a group or a fun date idea.  Visit them online @
38 Wellington Street East, Toronto
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  1. Yummmmm... something different from the normal Korean places... since I love korean food, I'll have to go try =P

  2. I ate here just shortly after it opened. They didn't have a full dinner menu, let alone a drink menu. I thought it was pretty good but I would like to give it a second go and try eating here again.