Friday, November 19, 2010

Bure Family Wines + Valeri Bure

As any working girl can tell you, a glass of wine is the perfect way to end the work week. While I can regularly be found nursing a glass of chardonnay or pinot grigio over dinner, I much prefer to do so in the company of celebrities and sports stars. 

Last Friday, I found myself among The Battle of the Blades stars at the Bure Family Wines tasting. Held at ONE in the swanky Hazelton Hotel, the intimate gathering celebrated the success of wine connoisseur, NFL star and current competitor Val Bure. Oh, did I mention he's married to Candace Cameron? That's right Full House fans - I was with DJ Tanner's husband. My preteen self was extremely giddy. 

Val may be a husband, father, hockey star and up-and-coming figure skater, but he knows his wines. Glasses of the 2009 Nuit Blanche Sauvignon Semillon Blend and 2008 Majesty Cabernet were generously served and I thoroughly enjoyed each drop. The Bure Family Wines are the perfect light-bodied wines to enjoy with any meal. As Val told me, he personally tastes each barrel of wine to ensure it is to his liking. So what's his favorite of the bunch? That would depend on his mood - he's a red and a white guy (guess he still has some Montreal Canadiens spirit in him!).

Also in attendance was Olympic gold medalist and last year's Battle of the Blades champion, Jamie SalĂ©.  The petite figure skater was such a sweetheart and took the time to chat with me about everything from the Olympics to fashion. 
I may not be the world's biggest sports fan, but I have a new appreciation for how hard these athletes work. In addition to spending hours each day training for their competitions, they still find time to raise families and develop world class wines. My only request is for Bure Family Wines to be sold in Canada! 

Alanna Glicksman is a freelance writer and regular contributor for The Hip & Urban Girl's Guide.  You can find her blog musings on celeb life and her love for DJ Tanner @ The A List.


  1. Great event coverage...and I love hearing about new wine. I wish it was in Canada as well:( Figure skaters are extremely talented athletes for sure (and they have a killer body to show for it;))

  2. Thank you! The wine was delicious - hopefully they start selling it at the LCBO soon...