Saturday, November 27, 2010

Countdown to Cookies & Champagne!

3 More Days to Go! 

Amongst the many delectables being served at the party, I've got my eyes set on a couple of specific treats that already have me drooling over its pictures.  Every time I walk past a creperie on the streets, a whiff of its buttery, sugary goodness makes me melt.  Crepe De Licious will make you melt too as it caters this party, featuring two dazzling kinds of crepes.  Look out for their hot crepe station at the hugTO party or just follow your nose.   
Before I hit up the Crepe De Licious station, I'll be dipping my heart out with the Summer Fresh and Pita Break appetizers, offering its fresh and healthy gourmet dips at the party with Lavash flatbread.  My personal favorite is their Roasted Red Pepper Dip, a must-have item that I always have in my fridge all summer long.  A taste of this creamy delight will certainly bring back my warm memories for this cold season.  
Get a chance to try out these items too while you sip on wine, nibble on cookies and shop in our Mini-Christmas Market, all the while mingling with other lovely ladies like yourself.  There is still time to get tickets which includes a VIP swag bag (worth approximately $140!) but there is very few left so I'll make it easy for you, just click here
Check out sneak peeks from previous days here.

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