Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hip Getaways - Oktoberfest, Munich

Just wanted to post the final photos from The Hip + Urban Girl's adventure at Oktoberfest in Munich.  I can't resist a giant slide, no matter how silly it is.  Here is a view of the fairgrounds.  Read our full story about Oktoberfest in an exclusive post on the vitaminwater Canada blog.  In the meantime, check out our clicks from across the pond...
Beer tents spread throughout the festival

Food counter and beer hall
The outdoor biergarten at the Paulaner tent.  Perfect weather for drinking.  Oktoberfest beer is actually made stronger at 6% alcohol content.  Everyone is pretty much walking all zig-zag at around 7 PM.  Not bad, since some people have been there since 9 AM!  Expect people to be passed out on the grass too, just make sure you turn them on their side so they don't pass out.  If you don't feel well, there are lots of medics and first-aid on site.  Just do drink like a maniac and you'll be fine.  Anchor all that beer down with a lot of bratwurst.
The HB Tent is quite international and young.  You'll meet lots of great, friendly people from other countries.  A note about the washrooms - Oktoberfest is pretty prepared.  I never had to use a port-a-potty or wait more than five minutes in line.  They had running water and close to 40-60 flush toilets in some of the bigger tents.  Yep, I'm one of those girls that has to pee all the time and yeah, a litre of beer will do that to you.
Wow, they serve me beer and allow me to drive bumper cars?  
Awwww the weight of this beer is going to tip me over...
Read all the good deets on the vitaminwater Canada blog and how-to Oktoberfest.

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