Thursday, November 4, 2010

hug Life: Fall Indulgences

Our friend Alysia, from The Blarkness Chronicles tells us all about her favourite things to do during this season!  Now that we are deep into fall and the cold is definitely upon us, there are three things I like to indulge in - warmth, relaxation and comfort. 

WARMTH: Tea from David's Tea
Sure, everyone loves going to Starbucks but if you are a tea lover like me, you will want to venture over to David's Tea (various locations across the GTA). It's the mecca for tea enthusiasts, a candy store for those who tend to like a large mug of piping hot goodness. I was introduced to David's Tea when I participate in a tea exchange through the blogging community. After trying a bag of Senchamental (an organic green tea filled with orange, peppermint and goji berries), I was hooked. I made several trips to David's since then. At the moment, I am enjoying black teas with some almond milk. It's pure goodness. Some of my favorites are Pumpkin Chai, Toasted Walnut and Crème Caramel Rooibos.

RELAXATION: Bath Bombs from LUSH Cosmetics
Fall can be such a hectic time of the year. You may be starting school or your children are starting but for me, my job follows the education calendar which means Fall is extremely busy for me. On the weekends, I like to wind down with a bath - it's the best way to decompress and relax. Indulging in lots of LUSH products is an added treat since the smell is so intoxicating and invigorating. Throwing in a bath bomb or using one of the many soaps from LUSH will take your bath to the next level. Some of my favorites are Big Blue or Avobath bath bombs, Sexy Peel or Ice Blue soaps.

COMFORT: Chocolate from Purdy's 
Who doesn't find comfort in chocolate? Chocolate is nature's medicine, it fixes everything. On a very bad day, I pick up an assortment of my favorite chocolates at Purdy's and eat them all on my way home. Purdy's recently opened up a location at Union Station. There is a vast selection of individual chocolates or you can pick up pre-packaged boxes. The prices are much more reasonable then Godiva chocolates, plus, why not support a Canadian based company instead. My favorite chocolate is the Himalayan Pink Salted Peanut Butter, it's the perfect combination of sweet and salty. Honestly, when you go to the counter, there are many options, so it's hard to narrow down favorites. I highly suggest choosing some individual chocolates and asking them to put it in a bag (it's cheaper than getting it put in a box). You'll eventually find our own favorites just like me.

These three will get me through the time change, the crisp, cold wind blowing leaves everywhere, and the hectic schedule of life. Every now and again, you must savour the moments when you get to relax, unwind and just enjoy some me time. I hope that during this Fall season, you can find time to pick up some of the products I mentioned and have an evening when you can draw a bath, sip on hot tea while you scarf down some chocolates...

To celebrate my first guest post, please check out my blog, The Blarkness Chronicles for a giveaway that consists of some of the products I mentioned from David's Tea, LUSH Cosmetics and Purdy's Chocolates. 

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