Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Old Navy Spring 2011 Fashion Preview

Fully expecting to see plastic mannequins, I was taken aback when the models at The Old Navy Spring 2011 preview started to move.  Yes - those are real people!  We spotted hip + urban girl outfits full of bold colour and cute accessories at the fashion sneak-peek held at Brassaii Restaurant in Toronto.  Everyone looked ready to hit the beach in style!  Here's what else we spotted...

Colourful prints play up neutral khakis with a splashy dose or orange colour (right).  I'm actually inspired to add colour to my wardrobe right now.  My winter collection is all bland blacks and greys.  No wonder I'm so seasonally affected - it's time to inject some colour therapy after looking at all these bright outfits.  A big smile never goes out of style either (see left)!
Cool & chic at affordable prices
Big fan of the very casual top on the left.  Cute hat on the right, keeps things fun.  It reminds me not to take things so seriously all the time.  
Funny enough, once Christmas is over - spring is literally right around the corner!

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  1. thanks for the preview. these look comfortable and stylish for next spring (can't wait!)
    the "humanequin" in blue and yellow reminds me of an urban Snow White :)