Friday, November 26, 2010

Urban Eats - Irish Cream Coffee

What would I give for an Irish Cream Coffee right now.  It's getting colder outside, my sleep cycle is all messed up from the time change - I need a caffeine fix with a shot of Irish Cream Liqueur.  Either as a wake-me-up or wind-me-down...depending on the day you are having.  It's one of those nice things to indulge in.  

The Hip + Urban Girl will be entertaining LOTS over the holidays.  So we were stoked about Carolans Light Irish Cream Liquer with 50% less fat.  Does that mean you get to drink double?  Just kidding.  It makes the perfect dessert or special occassion coffee when you have guests.  Here's what I want to magically appear in front of me today:

Carolans Light Latte:
1 oz. Carolans Light
1 oz. Jameson Irish Whiskey
Pour ingredients into an Irish coffee mug and fill with hot coffee.  Top with light whipped cream, pouring gently over spoon.  Enjoy hot!

More things you can do with Irish Cream Liqueur @

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