Friday, November 5, 2010

Urban Girl Fun @ Dave & Buster's, Vaughan

Looking for a great idea for a girls night out?  The Hip & Urban Girl’s Guide heads just north of the Toronto for food and fun times at Dave & Buster’s in Vaughan, Ontario.  We welcome guest blogger, Lisa Bruce as she fills us in on her fave places to head out with the girls:

Dave & Buster’s is basically Chuck E. Cheese for adults.  You’ll find anything from skee-ball, arcade games and Dance-Dance Revolution in their huge midway.  It’s a great place to round-up your favourite girlfriends for dinner, drinks and general debauchery in one place.  They have a great restaurant that offers a ton of different options for everyone in your group.  I am personally addicted to their spinach dip – it’s a must-try.  The cocktail list is endless and I highly recommend you try the Sorrento Lemonade or raspberry mojito…these two are total faves with me and my friends. 

The location closest for hip + urban girls in Toronto is right off highway 400.  They do check ID at the door for 19+ access later in the evening… so don’t worry about having children running around while you’re trying to have fun (trust me… I can really appreciate this). The atmosphere is great for getting a little friendly competition going among your girlfriends.  There’s even a bar and seating in the ‘midway’ so you can hang out and have a drink if you need a break from pumping all those skee-balls. 

Here's how it works: pick up a power card at the counter but be prepared to shell out some cash if you’re competitive - some of the games are addictive! Stay away from the wheel of fortune game…don’t say I didn’t warn you - lol.  Redeem your tickets at the end of the night for a couple of cheesy prizes that you can pass on to your nieces and nephews.

It’s a great place to grab a group of friends and hang out for the night.  Food, drinks, games and a little friendly competition is good for everybody…and this is one of my favourite places to do it.  Everyone has to visit at least once, even if it’s just to feel like a kid again.  Find more info @

Lisa Bruce is the Mom behind The Baby Bottom Line….a blogger who loves product testing, Mommy sites and dishing about them with anyone who’ll listen.  Visit her @

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