Thursday, December 30, 2010

Getting Financially Organized in 2011

Hip + urban girls everywhere have been giving their debit and credit cards a workout over the holidays.  At the start of a new year, I always resolve to get my financial life back on track.  Which usually means, cooking dinner, eating out less and not buying crap I don't need.  
The big question is figuring out where all my money was going.  I found this cute little money organizer online from the fun people at Knock Knock.  The accordion folder holds all your receipts, which is great for tracking expenses.  The notepad forces you to face up to how much you spend daily and lets you see exactly what you are buying.
I love the hip design and the fact that it doesn't look like the flower decal coupon accordion that my Mom carries around in her purse.  It's simple and not embarrassing to pull-out for the everyday frugalista.
Sure, it's not something you'll do for the rest of your life...BUT it's one of those things you can do for a couple weeks.  Like a food diary, a money journal will help you spot what your 'latte' factor is, so you can adjust your spending habits.  My vice is eating out and going out.  I once gave up going out for restaurant meals over $10 for one month and it actually helped.  I caved on day 26 to have dinner with a friend, but I got right back on track for another week or so after that.  I saved a ton of money, lost weight and perfected my cooking skills.  My $10 lunch/dinner out budget got me searching and eating at some of the best cheap eats in town.  After my little experiment was over, I did eat out less and actually enjoyed cooking at home more.

What do you do to get financially back on track after the holidays?

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  1. This is definitely useful. If I had to write down everything I spent in a day I think I'd scare myself into frugality! haha