Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Hip + Urban Girl and the NEW Hotmail

Hotmail was my first real email address.

My user name was not only good for email, but also my social life.  I have spent endless hours chatting on MSN messenger about boys, school and with far-away friends.  I was Ng_a_ling@Hotmail.com.  Genius!  Right?  My teenage self thought it was so clever with my last name being Ng and all.  The account is still active, but I didn’t use it as much once I got my first ‘work’ email address.  So why am I going back to Hotmail?  They have just launched a series of new features that has me thinking how much easier they have made things!

Wendy and I checked out the Hotmail Cocktails (a perfect name right?) Event at The Stirling Room in The Distillery District this month.  We wanted to look at what the hip + urban girl could do with the new Hotmail and the features we would actually use in our busy city girl lives.  

Wendy chats with our friend Jed from Hotmail
The biggest draw?  The removal of clutter in my inbox using Hotmail’s virtual broom, ‘Sweep’.  I have had my Hotmail address for over ten years!  Which means, I have signed up for countless numbers of newsletters, contests and things I probably don’t even remember signing up for.  I have clutter issues.  Hotmail is helping me fix them.  So how does ‘Sweep’ work?  Highlight any unwanted emails and hit the ‘Sweep’ button to create a fast and easy rule that all messages from this sender/newsletter/ex-boyfriend should automatically be sent into your junk folder.  Ta-da!  In one stress-free click, I can go back to reading emails that I want to read. ‘Sweep’ is super-useful for prioritizing the emails that are important to keep in my inbox, while sweeping away newsletters and personal stuff for reading later. *Sigh*…if I could clean my apartment this easily too.
The options under the new 'Sweep' tab lets you take care of pesky senders in one-click
Head into your Junk Mail and select EVERYTHING.  Use the 'Sweep' option to block all senders in this folder.  You'll never see a spammy message from them again!
Chatting about our first email address with bloggers @DashingFactor and @ReggieRamone
The Microsoft Softscreen feature uses anti-spam technology to stop 98% of all spam from even reaching your account in the first place. It’s the same stuff that businesses and corporations use to block unwanted email.  Hotmail is filtering out more spam than ever before, which makes my junk-filled inbox manageable again.  Before: Open Inbox, face mountain of emails for watches, prescription pills, get-rich quick schemes and weight-loss magic.  Now: Inbox is pretty much free of junk and spam after Softscreen was implemented.  I can go a couple days without checking my inbox and there won’t be 60 messages waiting for me from unwanted senders.  My inbox looks pretty much the way I left it, with a couple new real messages from friends.  Hotmail even leaves me a congratulatory note, “Wow, you’ve got a really clean inbox!”  Oh, I know.  The other best part?  I can click into my junk mail folder and ‘Sweep’ away all those senders onto my blocked list.  Meaning, I won’t be getting any more of those messages in my junk folder either.  I’m a neat freak so this is all cathartic to me, really.

Oh. My. Junk.
Empty!  What my inbox looks like now.
What else did I learn?  Hotmail is still #1 for the most active users worldwide.  In Canada alone, there are over 15 million users and is the top email provider in our country.  The competition trails behind in and around the six million mark.  Eight billion messages are sent on Hotmail daily with 25 billion contact entries stored.  Now that’s a lot of email.

So I’m giving Hotmail another go!  We’re working together to bring you an eight-part series on how hip + urban girls on the go can use Hotmail to organize their busy lives and how-to share all the good stuff with Hotmail’s new features.

Check it all out for yourself @ www.Hotmail.com

What do you think of the new Hotmail?  What was your first email address name?

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  1. I got my hotmail account back in '99, but became frustrated with an increasingly cluttered inbox over the years. I still have my account, but its become my secondary email address. I just checked out the "sweep" feature and tested it, so we'll see if it works! I like the pop-up window you get showing you all the senders you are blocking, with a chance to quickly review and confirm.