Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Hotmail Red Carpet & Photo Booth - FULL Gallery!

The Hotmail Red Carpet & Photo Booth Gallery is now here! You can now view all the pictures from the party online. Please feel free to pull any photos you like to share on your Facebook or Twitter.  Thank you everyone for attending!

Edible 'flowers' from Blossoms Fruit Arrangements (left). Pita Break's Lavash Crackers with Summer Fresh dips for dipping (right). Meet all our vendors from The Hip + Urban Girl Mini-Christmas Market and to see more photos...

Fresh hot crepes from Crepes de Licious!
Shop Bicyclette Pop-up Shop
Louisa LaBarbera Jewellery
Featherbands by Amanda Wu
Katrina from Ohhh Canada!
See the FULL Hotmail Photo Gallery online here.
Photo credit: Jessica Blaine Smith Photography. Share away!


  1. Lisa and Wendy - you guys did a great job! I hope you are proud of the event. I look forward to the next one.

    BTW, Lisa - I love your lipstick. It looks hot on you and you wear it well!

  2. Thanks for helping us set up and creating that genius layout for the cookie exchange!