Friday, December 10, 2010

Joe Fresh Style: 5 Minute Make-up Palette

I'm in love with my new 5 Minute Make-up Palette from Joe Fresh ($20).  I love the no-brainer approach to make-up, where they tell you on the packaging what goes where.  The super-slim make-up palette even comes with a protective plastic sheet to cover over the make-up when not in use.  The sheet has everything clearly labelled on it and the picture shows you where to apply.  

The smokey eye shadows gave me a sexy and dramatic night time look.  A bright cherry lipstick and lip gloss are also included.  The neutral shade of blush is a nice contrast to the bright lips.  The bronzer is great to brush all over if you suffer from the winter pasty look.  It really took me 5 minutes to apply!  Makes a great gift for your sis or BFF.  Makes an even better gift for yourself.  Pimp out your holiday make-up look with no effort at all and at a great price.  This palette rocks!  

Also spotted these adorable Mini Lip Glass Sets @ 5 for $10.  Great to give as a set to a co-worker or break them up for stocking stuffers.  We found more stuff @ Joe...

A Winter Collection of Joe Fresh Nail Polishes - 3 for $10.  Proves that style does not have to be expensive.

The last amazing stocking stuffer we found were this Holiday Emery Boards ($2/each) and funky Manicure Set.  Have fun trying to decide if you're getting these for yourself or as gifts!


  1. The palette is a great gift idea for a friend, co-worker or even as a hostess gift. It's affordable and has great shades/colours included.

    The polishes would be a wonderful stocking stuffer. I have tried their polish and it's very good for the price you are paying.

  2. Agreed - great value for some awesome products!